Classic Reflex Boxing Bag with Venum Classic Boxing Gloves

Classic Reflex Boxing Bag with Venum Classic Boxing Gloves

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Brand Name: None

Type: Sandbag Category

Age: >3 Years

Origin: Mainland China

The Classic Reflex Boxing Bag - - Unisex is perfect for novice boxers or fitness enthusiasts who want to get a great workout, while developing accuracy, timing and distance. The sleek and durable synthetic leather punching bag mimics the movement of an opponent using the spring system. The bag`s height can be easily adjusted up to 63", and the plastic base tank can be filled with water or sand. With an unfilled base this product weights 15lbs. Step up your performance in the ring with the Classic Reflex Boxing Bag and also included is the unisex 14 oz Classic Boxing Gloves offer great protection while providing a unique feeling compared with other boxing gloves. Your hand is very well maintained and supported inside the soft fabric, and your fist will be ready to explode without any wasted energy. Very comfortable and soft on the inside. The Classic line is perfectly suited to absorb shock, and even more suited to provide devastating strikes.High quality synthetic leather. Perfect for men and women. Adult 12+. Multi-density foam. Large hook-and-loop enclosure for a secure fit. Fully attached thumb to reduce the risk of injury. Brand : .

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